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Available Services

                          Please feel free to text me for a free quote and rates on all of our services.

Rates vary based on each individual client's needs, city that needs servicing, and number of pets in home.

Dog Walking

                                      Pet Sitting

(Dogs, Cats, Exotics, Reptiles and small animals)

Single puppies or Liters and Special Needs 

              Poop Scooping
Litter Box Scooping Also Available

     Medication Administration Assistance
   (I help give your dog their medication or
          any other needed treatment needed)

                        Pet Adoption Assistance
(Dog/Cat I help you find the right rescue pet so you won't have to look and connect you to the rescue to assure you the pet, I work with 2 rescues that always have wonderful pets in need)


                                         Canine Spectra 5
                                         Canine Spectra 6
                                          Canine Spectra 9
                                          Canine Spectra 10
                                         Kennel-Jec 2 Canine 
                             Canine KC 3 Canine Spectra® KC3 
                                     Feline Focus Cat Vax 3 Feline 
                 Focus Cat Vax 3 PLUS FeLV Focus Cat Vax 3 + FeLV

(Here in California, dog rabies vaccines and cat rabies vaccines must be administered by a licensed vet only)


Initial Consultation

Meet and Greet

 At this time, we will go over all your pet(s) & home care needs. Providing detailed information prior to Meet-and-Greet will allow us to spend the time getting to know each other and/or for me to sit down with your pet(s) and asses him/her for grooming or what we can do to make their stay as comfortable and happy with me as possible.


*If there are multiple reservation requests, feel free to let me know during our meet-and-greet.  I will be able to give you an immediate response regarding availability.

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